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HRMS Software (Human Resource Management Software)

The environment within which an organization operates is dynamic. An organization must adapt new strategies to remain competitive and Human Resource Management is one of the key areas for ensuring overall success of the organization. Therefore a Human Resource Management Information System is an essential tool for your organization to manage its challenges in the competitive business environment.

Crux - HRM is a state of the art Human Resource Management Information System. This flexible system can be used for efficiently manage the HR needs of an organization even as business grows and requirement changes. Crux - HRM is intended to help to automate the activities of Personnel & Administration departments. Generally these activities include maintenance of employee details like Official, Personnel, Family details and also new Admissions, Promotions Transfers, Terminations etc. Attendance details like Attendance, Leaves, Overtime, LOP, Late hour, Shift etc.

Payment details like Allowances, Incentives, Deductions, Cuttings, Advances, and Loans etc. The system also supports the entire statutory requirements of PF, ESI, TDS, and Professional Tax etc. and automatically generates statutory returns, challans and reports. Crux - HRM which consists of DATA BANK, TIME OFFICE, PAY ROLL and UTILITIES modules effectively handles all aspects of personnel management of an organization and it enhances competitiveness of the business in a multitude of ways


  • User defined Branches, Locations, Departments, Designations, and Grade etc.
  • User defined employment category
  • Employee’s details like Official, Personnel, Communication and Family details
  • Provision for Admission, Promotion, Transfer, Pay revision, Contract renewal and Termination
  • Knowledge base and skill settings
  • Growth History of each employees within the organization
  • Allows storing photographs and signature of employees
  • The information can be sort, filter and retrieve by many parameters
  • ‘Human resource’ strength reports in multitude of ways
  • Profile of each employee
  • Organization chart in fingertips
  • User defined display order can be given for reports
  • Provision to block an employee, Location, Department, Grade etc.
  • Emailing of birthday and wedding anniversary wishes
  • Employee attrition reports and analysis


  • User defined holidays and off days
  • Use defined salary periods
  • Different types Leaves
  • Leave increments, decrements, surrender etc.
  • Supports multiple shifts and shift assignments
  • Overtime and LOP settings and confirmations
  • Provision for three types of Over Time settings
  • Late hour and late Nos. settings and confirmation
  • Supports Attendance recording systems like Biometric, Smart card etc.
  • Provision for daily Attendance and Monthly consolidated attendance entry
  • Leave balance and reports
  • Unparalleled ease of use and flexibility for entering Attendance details


  • User defined Allowances and Deductions
  • Loans & Advances and EMI settings
  • Schedule of refunds for Loans and Advances
  • User defined settings for the calculation of each Allowances, and Deductions
  • Attendance incentive settings and calculation
  • Separate settings for Overtime, LOP, Late hour calculations
  • Provision for Special Allowance & Special deductions for certain salary periods
  • Provision for confirmation for Deductions, Advance and Cuttings
  • Bonus calculation
  • User defined settings for Provident Fund, Pension Fund (PF), Social Insurance (ESI), Income Tax (TDS), Zakat etc.
  • User defined round off facility for each Allowances and Deductions
  • Variable DA calculations
  • Flexible salary periods and also supports standard calendar months
  • Compliant with statutory contributions like PF, ESI and Professional Tax
  • Compliant with income tax regulations like TDS
  • Generates all statutory returns and Challans like PF Summary, Form 3A, 6A, 12A v (PF) Form 6, 7 (ESI) Form 16 (TDS) 29 (1) Wage register etc.
  • Ledger wise reporting for Financial Accounting
  • Pay slip generation in different formats
  • Pay slip through email
  • Payment confirmation on mobile
  • TDS Worksheet through email


  • Search an employee using many parameters
  • Blood bank and Telephone directory
  • Organizational chart and employee strength– Designation, Department and Location wise
  • Salary revision calculations
  • Event reminders
  • Working Calendar
  • Insurance details of each employees
  • Different Letter formats like Interview call, Appointment Orders, In¬crement confirmation, Transfer Letters, Salary Certificate, Experience Certificate, Relieving letter etc. and preparation of the same.


The software is developed in Windows based platform and runs on any Windows operating system. The development tool / front end is Visual basic 6.0 and The Database can be Oracle /MS SQL Server / MS Access

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