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Different Types of Websites

If you are looking for an mailing software to send bulk mails to your customers or prospects, our Bulk Mailing Software can help you. Crux Mailer is a Mass Mailing Software developed to send high volume of personalized bulk mails to large number of subscribers, the email content can be your email marketing flyers, email newsletters, email announcements etc...

Our Bulk Mailing Software is a web based application hosted with our cloud server, you can access the mailing software from anywhere with your user name and password. We are providing the bulk mailing software with our own dedicated SMTP servers (exclusively maintained for bulk mailing service).Our Mass Mailing Software have all the features for a successful Bulk Mailing Software, it is capable to send more than 100000 bulk mails per day, automatic bulk mail subscription and un-subscription option, option to manage bounced bulk mails, read or open report of your mass email, click through report for tracking visits to your website from your bulk mail campaign, provision to import bulk mail data from excel, CSV, IMAP mail Accounts and other databases, HTML Mailing, provision to save bulk mailing templates in the software etc...

Bulk Mailing Software ? Features

  • Integrated with our dedicated SMTP server for Bulk Mailing.

  • Capable to send 100000+ bulk mails per day.

  • Automatic Bulk Mail / Newsletter Subscribe and Unsubscribe option.

  • Automatically delete bounced mails from your bulk mailing database / list.

  • You will get detailed mail read or open report for each mail bulk mailing process.

  • You can send automated personalized bulk mails to your subscribers with the mail merge option.

  • You will get detailed click tracking report (visit to your website from the bulk mail) for each mass mailing campaign.

  • You can send HTML based Bulk Emails or Newsletters.

  • You can import bulk mailing data (mail IDs and Other details) from Excel, CSV files and other databases.

  • No need to wait till the mass mailing process complete, you can logout and shut down your computer after pressing the send button. It will run from the server

Pricing Plans

Our standard bulk email packages are suitable for all kind of bulk emailing / email marketing, but we are not entertaining high bounce rates and illegal email campaigns to promote Drugs, Money Chain, Multi-level marketing, Pornographic or adult content etc.

1 Month Validity Email Packages

25000 1 MONTH RS 900 $ 15
50000 1 MONTH RS 1200 $ 20
100000 1 MONTH RS 2000 $ 34
200000 1 MONTH RS 3000 $ 50
300000 1 MONTH RS 4000 $ 67
500000 1 MONTH RS 5000 $ 84
1000000 1 MONTH RS 7000 $ 117

3 Month Validity Email Packages

25000 3 MONTH RS 1200 $ 20
50000 3 MONTH RS 1500 $ 25
100000 3 MONTH RS 2500 $ 42
200000 3 MONTH RS 4000 $ 67
300000 3 MONTH RS 5000 $ 84
500000 3 MONTH RS 6000 $ 100
1000000 3 MONTH RS 8000 $ 134

Note :Order will process only in working hours(IST)

Note : Here the validity means the time you get to utilize the email credits, if you purchase 200000 emails with 1 month validity you need to use the full credit within 1 month time but if you purchase 200000 with 6 months validity you will get 6 month time to unitize 200000 emails

How Can I Start Sending Bulk Emails?

On this competitive world everyone wants to send bulk emails to get more business but most of them don't know how the bulk email service is working. Most people thinks that they can send bulk emails simply from a "Bulk Mailing Software" that can install on their PC, there is some software like that but that will not work properly and definitely you never get the result you looking for.

To run a successful bulk email campaign you need 4 things, here we are explaining the points in detail here

  • Bulk Mailing Software

    Bulk email software is an application/ tool used to generate bulk emails based on your requirements and this application also used to manage your email database and email contents. Bulk email software will automatically generate individual emails and push the email to an SMTP server for delivering to the receiver's inbox. You need to configure one SMTP server with the bulk email software to handle the email delivery.

  • SMTP Server (that support bulk mailing)

    SMTP server is the most important thing in a bulk email process. Bulk mail software will generate bulk emails and push all emails to an SMTP server, delivering email to the receivers inbox is the duty of SMTP server. You need to use a well managed SMTP server for this purpose, and this is the most important and challenging job. Most of the web or email hosting companies never support bulk emailing through their server because that will create lots of issues for them You need to choose a good SMTP server to get good result, we are providing fully dedicated SMTP server with all our bulk email packages

  • Email List / Database

    You must need a good quality email list or database to run an email campaign, quality of the email database is one of the main factors on a successful email marking campaign. If your email list contains lots of invalid email IDs your bounce rate will be very high, because of that your email campaign's trust will decrease on the receivers end and then they will treat your emails as Spam. You can use email ID verifications tools to check the quality of your email list You can import your bulk mail database to our software from excel, CSV and other databases. You can also impost filed like Name, Place, Company etc. along with each email ID. Our software also supporting custom fields, so you can import any field that you want to include

  • Content or Matter of the Bulk Email Camping

    Content is of the other important factor in a successful bulk mail campaign, your email campaign's open rate is directly related to the email content and the receiver's interest on that. So think about the quality of your email content before you send it via your bulk email campaign You can send simple text email or highly attractive HTML emails with our software, you can use our HTML editor to compose high quality HTML emails or you can import your HTML flayer from a web URL to our bulk mailing software

Benefit of our Bulk Mailing Software:-

  • Personalization - Personalize your bulk emails

    Our Mass Mailing software can be used to send out personalized group emails. Crux Mailer supports unlimited custom database-fields for personalization. Personalization makes a newsletter or bulk emails more personal. e.g. "Dear James" is much better than "Dear Customer". You can insert the personal information to any where in the Message Body and Subject line.

  • Subscribe and Unsubscribe Facility - Manage your Bulk Mailing Subscription

    With our bulk mailing software you can properly manage the subscription and un-subscription request properly. Every mail sending from our bulk mail software contains one un-subscription link. If someone want to un-subscribe your bulk email, he can simply do that by clicking on the un-subscription link shown in the bottom side of your bulk email message.

  • Bounce Email Management- Bounce Management for mass mailing

    When you send large amount of emails, lots of emails getting bounced with a number of reasons like invalid email ID, inbox full etc...Our Mass Mailing Software can properly handle all the bounced bulk emails, you will get a report of bounced email IDs and you can remove those ID from your bulk mailing list.

  • Email Read / Email Open Report - You can track your bulk mailing response

    From our bulk mailing software you will get a detailed report of how many people are opening or reading your bulk email messages. This report helps you analyze the efficiency of your bulk email marketing.

  • Click Tracking Reports - Track the Visits to your Website from bulk mailing

    One of the most advanced feature of our bulk mailing software is you will get a detailed report of how many people are visiting your website or other URLs from the bulk emails that you send from our bulk mailing software. This report gives you a better understating about your bulk email marketing .

  • HTML Mailing - Send HTML Based Bulk Emails or Newsletters

    By using our Mass Mailing Software's HTML mailing facility you can send bulk emails in your Letter Head format or you can send Highly Attractive Marketing Flayers and News Letters.

  • Internal WYSIWYG rich-text (HTML) Editor

    Our Bulk Mailing Software has a built-in rich-text HTML editor for creating beautiful HTML and Text newsletter messages. The internal editor contains different sections for HTML, Preview and HTML source code. It?s also possible to import HTML files from an external HTML editor and add multiple file attachments.

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